Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift :D

So with Valtentine's Day come and gone, I figured I'd show you guys the present I made for Matt. It was just a plain cardboard heart-shaped box. I covered it with Lokta Heart Paper, attached some embellishments, and attached a card that said "I love you more than _____ loves _____." Filled them all in with two things that match, like "bacon loves eggs", "peanut butter loves jelly", and "chocolate loves vanilla."

I pasted comic book hero paper as the lining.

The gifts were wrapped in Space Invaders Paper, Sushi paper, and just butcher's paper supplied by the cheese store, Claudio's. They were super friendly and helpful, located in the Italian market. I highly recommend them! 

The gifts: two pieces of cheese from Claudio's. One is a truffeled pecorino, and the second is a stinkier cheese, but I cannot remember what kind! The jar is sundried fig jelly that I got to pair with the cheeses.  The bottle is apple flavored soda from Mexico.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Planner Ever

What do you do when you hate all the planners in stores? You make your own. And that's precisely what I did. I don't think these pictures do it justice. I'll have to get you guys some real pictures soon.

Designed, printed, and bound by me.

Deets: inkjet printed, designed in Adobe Illustrator, none of the pictures nor fonts are owned by me, I mounted a cabinet card on the front cover. Pasted the paper over some cardboard to give it a border around the edges. Sewn with waxed linen thread.

Oh, and did I mention it's all in Italian? Sí.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rutgers Camden Class

I am happy to say that for the second year in a row, I had the honor of teaching Alan Espiritu's Graphic Design class in Rutger's Camden! The class was actually huge, about 22 people. These are the final pictures. I taught them a basic case binding sewn on tapes. It was a lot of work - 4 hours for what's normally a 2 hour class! But all the students were great sports about it. Everyone's books turned out great! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity, Alan and Rutgers!

Students putting finishing touches on a book.

Gotta get that paste in there!

Working it in...

Finished product - mini book.

Two finished books stand side by side.

The classes' books, and mine. Can you guess which one I made?

I have to post something pretty important: there were a lot of protests going on at Rutgers while I was there. There is a proposed merger of the Rutgers Camden campus into Rowan. The students are not happy about it, and neither am I. The state of New Jersey is treating Education like a Business. There are faculty and students at risk here. They love their school and chose to go to RUTGERS, not to ROWAN. Nothing against Rowan, but it seems like a mess for everyone involved. To get more information, google or visit the following:

Everyone from Jersey: be sure to write your local  legislator and say that this merger should be STOPPED.

And, lastly, if you ever interested in learning any bindings from me, contact me and I'll be happy to set up a class with you.

We need 10,000 signatures and are at the time of this post at 9052. Come on guys we can do it!

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