Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All in a day's work.

Books books books books books books books. First three pictures: a ribbon book I made out of supplies that were lying around. Featured on the covers: Jordan Crane postcards from his up all night series; two pads on the inside feature illustrations from the comic Papercutter, issue 11, by Amy Adoyzie, Jon Sukarangsan, Dustin Harbin, and Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg. Two pads are opposite each other, everything is bound with ribbon. 6" x 4".

Next few pictures: I needed a journal for my trip to Firenze, so I figured I'd make one. 7" x 10.5"

Lastly, I made some wallbooks, aka wallet-books. Each features a removable pad and all the convenience of wallets, pockets and all. Handmade!! paper on the inside, made by ME. Wallets come from a clearance bin at Urban. Don't hate me; they didn't take all my money and hopefully lost profit on this buy. Again, the Papercutter comic is features as the covers for some.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jumping on board

Before you say "Wow, what an ugly quilt," Let me explain: this was for what was by far the most boring class of the year, Digital Photo. I'm one of the only people to do something other than mat some photos on some nice paper for the final. I ironed cotton print cloth in 6" squares centered on pieces of freezer paper measured to be exactly 8.5" x 11". Despite my measurements, my inkjet printer was still finicky and jammed constantly. That coupled with measurements, piecework, and the most evil sewing machine in the world makes this quilt a masterpiece.
Next up: I'm gonna be in a show. The one above this caption. The pictures below the caption are what's gonna be displayed. Yes, this happening while I'm in Florence. :(