Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some drawings from the past week.

The last one isn't actually crooked in real life. I just can't take a picture. Top: My attempt/failure at realistic drawing, bottom: my caricature that actually looks like Leah.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art in Florence, and some updates

Hey all. Florence is beautiful. Already cried in front of the Venus of Urbino and the Botticellis. So yes, it's pretty glorious here. For my studio class, we had to do a project about time. As usual, I focused on a tradition of Florence...bookmaking. It has survived for so long, in one form or another, just like radiolarians, which are these little microscopic sea creatures in all the oceans. Inspired by their patterns, I did a series of cutouts in a book. The results:

Next up, I have a show in PARIS. It's pretty exciting. More info can be found here. Or here if you can read French. Here's a flyer for those who don't want to click:

And don't forget about the Caswerks exhibit in Baltimore! It opens on THURSDAY, please go and see all my friends' stuff as well as mine!

Other exhibitions include an April one in Baltimore, as well as an April one in Florence. Here are some drawings I've been working on: