Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An update...

So, I never realized this, but this blog apparently had some steady readers! I've been more involved in the art/museum scene as of late. Unfortunately, that does not leave me much time for crafting. If you followed this blog, I apologize. I will soon (hopefully) begin cross-posting from www.paperclips215.com

The most recent article I wrote is on a show here in Philadelphia called In&Out at Paradigm Gallery. It features work by Joe Boruchow and Erin M. Riley. Please check it out at: http://www.paperclips215.com/paradigm-gallerys-newest-show-inout-works-by-joe-boruchow-and-erin-m-riley/

Other posts I'm proud of include: http://www.paperclips215.com/tyler-held-stomps-1026/

I will let you know when I am making again. I promise it is sooner than you think. Things have been going REALLY well for me with my Art History career in Philadelphia. I have a job at a major museum and am loving it. Until then...