Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Without Ego

So I had a show! I'm sorry I didn't post about it on here, it was a bit last minute. It was entitled Art Without Ego and was held here in Philadelphia in the Kensington area. We had over 30 artists exhibiting in an amazing old warehouse. But here are some pictures of my work and I. There are more pictures to come!

The set up! Last photo by Keristin Gaber

Photo above by Keristin Gaber

The work! Last photo again by Keristin Gaber.

Matt and I!

I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the lovely Rachel Kinback, who I shared my space with. I think our work really compliments each others. Although I'm biased, I'd say our room felt the most cohesive out of all the rooms in the warehouse. Hooray for good work!

And finally, though there were many cool pieces of work here, I need to share this string installation by Lukas Weidner and Keristin Gaber (of Fox and Doe Photography). It was amazing.

All photos unless otherwise noted taken by Betty Breznay. Please visit to see more of her work. 

Thank you for coming out, all that could make it! If you didn't come I feel bad for you. Tons of live music, a huge space, more food and drinks than I could ever imagine, great art, and even greater people. Thank you Caliper Guild, LLC for hosting us in your space, and thank you to all of the artists who came together and made our event a great success!