Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Today was #AskACuratorDay. This is a blog about everything I learned, because I need somewhere to put it all, and twitter is confusing. And this blog morphs and changes as I feel like it, so...we're doing something a little bit different here. And it's my blog, so I can do whatever I want.

My first question was inevitably to the Isabella Stewart Gardner, my favorite museum in the US. If you haven't seen it, for the love of god, go to Boston and check it out.

Then I tweeted the NYTimes referencing Holland Cotter's amazing Memory Museum Article. They didn't respond. ;( Still go read that article, it's great.

MoMA deemed it better not to answer me. Maybe they're still ashamed of their American Folk Art Museum debacle, though I swear I wasn't referencing it.
Learning more about Sonia Delaunay  (that's the book) from the PMA (please excuse the typo)...

And a wonderful convo with the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The picture the reference, Abandoned Doll by Suzanne Valadon, can be found here on Google Art along with a bio of the artist.

The Abandoned Doll, Susan Valadon, 1921, Oil on Canvas, National Museum for Women in the Arts

The Newseum gets points for the best answer that was most RT'd. 

I could hardly believe my eyes when Yaelle Biro from the Met responded to me. Find the book here.

The New Museum's response rang the best, and truest. For I love Ragnar Kjartansson. Videos of the pieces mentioned are below. 

Bliss by Ragnar Kjartansson, timelapsed....

The End by Ragnar Kartansson, Icelandic Pavillion, 2009 Venice Biennale

I had to ask one of my favorite organizations in Philly, the Association for Public Art, what their thoughts were.

 Paradigm Gallery had one of the most fruitful discussions with me.

And I couldn't resist finding out some street art "curation" from local Philly bloggers Vandalog and Streets Dept. 

And that was my lovely day today.