Monday, October 18, 2010

Some new books

Soooo the opening last month went really well. Here are some pictures. You can see my art in the background of the picture below this. It's the book and the big crocheted thing, both of which I have already posted pictures of on here. So I won't bombard you with more.

Here's a book I made a few weeks ago. It's a fortune teller book. The fortune tellers actually work, but I couldn't get them to pop up for the pictures. But yes, you can play with them! I'm gonna submit it for the juried show at MICA; I hope it gets in.

Lastly, this is a book I made recently. It's an altered book. I took this book called Good Intentions by Ogden Nash and cut up every line of poetry. I was interested in how the lines would form a new narrative, but mostly that idea falls apart upon looking at it. Instead, the lines stand out more. It's really interesting. I don't mind that it changed, as I think it was for the better. Here are some pictures:

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