Sunday, May 6, 2012

Keepin' Busy


Rebound old poetry book made into a journal. See details and buying information here.

Bound old French perfume cards into a coptic book.

First Leather Longstitch ever!

Gang's all here.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Parcheesi Board Now Has a Box

Hi everyone,

This was a big undertaking. Made a box for the parcheesi board. I'll explain the details as we move on with the pictures. This was my first box ever!

This is the box closed. I used an Indian paper, made from recycled saris for the cover. Parcheesi is mounted on a contrasting Indian paper, also made from recycled saris, which matches the boxe's interior. "Parcheesi" is printed on Luxe Cream. The Indian Paper is because Parcheesi is based on the traditional Indian game of Pachisi, also known as Ludo in Britain.

The box top has a border, and "Parcheesi" is sunk into the box. This detail photo helps to show it.

The box open looks like this. It's a drop spine box, so the spine flattens out, like a book. I inserted a ribbon to hel with lifting the board out, since it is quite heavy. I also created six compartments - four for the pieces of Parcheesi, one for the die, and one for the chalk (if you guys remember the other side of this is a chalk board).

View of the box without the board in it. Half of the ribbon is attached to the box, so its primary purpose really is just to lift the game.

Detail view of the compartments. I inserted ribbon to help list the die out, since they do kind of sink into their compartment. I did the same for the chalk. I may have tiny hands that are able to get these things out, but I know not everyone does.

So who's ready to play?