Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May Events

These events. They just keep coming.

What: North Bowl presents 'The Secret Double' First Friday featuring works by Andre Rucker & Dewey Saunders!
When: May 1
Where: North Bowl
Cost: Free, 21+

What: EAL:P Field Trip: Fringe Arts Scratch Night
When: May 4
Where: Fringearts
Cost: Free

What: Lady Birds Beer Club
When: May 6
Where: Yards Brewery
Cost: Free

What: Bike to Work Day 2015
When: May 15
Where: Stations throughout the city!
Cost: Free

What: The Order of Things Opening Party
When: May 15
Where: The Barnes Foundation
Cost: Members free, $25

What: Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and Arts Festival
When: May 16
Where: Kensington, Trenton Avenue
Cost: Free

What: VOTE
When: May 19
Where: Philadelphia
Cost: Free

What: Ride of Silence
When: May 20
Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art
Cost: Free

What: Future Sensations
When: May 30
Where: The Oval
Cost: Free

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