Monday, October 1, 2012

Still alive, I promise. Sorry for the lack of updates.

Dear all,

I am still alive. I have a new job at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia! For those who don't know what that is, it's an educational foundation with one of the greatest art collections in the US. This includes the largest collections of Renoirs in the world. I'm so surprised that isn't in France!

Can't believe I work in this beautiful building.

Anyway, while I am enjoying working full time, it has certainly left me with less time to pursue artistic endeavors. I made something recently, but am giving it as a present, so I have to wait until after I give it to post pictures. Sorry everyone! I promise it's well worth the wait.

I'll leave you with some links to what I've been fascinated by recently.

There might be two Mona Lisas. What do you think? I feel that this video makes a pretty convincing argument through primary source documentation, that strange Raphael sketch, and the mathematics of these two portraits

Finally, Motoi Yamamoto is amazing. Please check out this video to see how these are created. I think the transient quality of these really reminds me of mandalas drawn i the sand. The salt and its shape is so ephemeral. As an artist, he cannot feel attached to it, or must do his best to maintain a distance from it. I know I have extreme difficulty parting with my best work (which I must do in order to make a living), I cannot imagine creating work of such a transient nature that it will undoubtedly be  destroyed. Also, it reminds me of freshly fallen snow, so beautiful that you don't want to disturb it, yet there's something in you that is begging to run out and make a mess.

This book by Tauba Auerbach is one of the most beautiful objects I can imagine. First of all, it's a cube. Offset printing and airbrushed to show every conceivable color in the spectrum. Daniel E. Kelm designed the binding. How on earth does one bind a cube like that. It's amazing. Honestly was considering how on earth I could buy one for a while...

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