Friday, March 18, 2011

Do-Si-Do French Album Book

Hey all,

So this is a project that finally came to fruition. It's a do-si-do french door album. For those unfamiliar with these terms, that means a double-sided, double-doored album.


1) Imagine an album. Normal binding with two screws to hold it in place.
2) Imagine this album, instead of having a normal cover, has two doors, like two french doors, that you pull out and open towards you.
3) Imagine this album has no back, but two doors awaiting you to open them on the other side.

Still can't imagine it? Here are some photos to help:

This book is filled with Ingres black paper. One side of the book contains photos of my mother, and the other photos of my father. It will be up on my Etsy soon as a blank one. Speaking of Etsy, I've been making tons of books for that thing. Please feast your eyes:


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  1. Your books look amazing on etsy kat congratz! :)