Monday, July 19, 2010

Digital Drawings and A New Book

So I have a job at the Walters Art Museum. Right now I'm creating iSpy Hunts based around the Walter's collection. It's my first time drawing with a pen tablet seriously. Here's one mock-up of the African Venus that went well:

And here's the actual African Venus for Comparison:

Here are some failed mock-ups of character information sheets for the Egyptian Collection iSpy hunt. They failed because they were creepy. I was trying to put a modern spin on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (Amun and Taweret), but instead they're just really weird. Like everything else in my life!

And lastly, what would my life be without another book? Here's one I made while I was still in Europe. It's a sketchbook made from my left over humongous pad of pastel paper, and a vintage map of Paris. I have a London subway map that will be put to good use soon as well...

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